Frequently Asked Questions

Do private investigators have to be licensed?

Private Investigators are regulated by the Private Security Bureau under the umbrella of the Department of Public Safety. Investigators must be fully licensed and investigations companies are required to carry liability insurance. For further details, visit

How do I hire an investigator?

Contacting Hop To It Investigations is easy. Use the ‘Contact Us’ page or call for a consultation, (214) 236-3055. Discussing your needs for investigation is the first step. Reviewing a case file and consulting with the attorney is critical to determining the direction to focus.

Do I have to spend a lot of money?

No. Many investigative needs are relatively inexpensive. The length and depth of the investigation is outlined during the initial consultation. Clients are often surprised that much can be accomplished for under $500.

What is trial preparation?

Trial preparation can include some, or all, of the following:

  • Locating missing witnesses,
  • Targeted interviews of potential witnesses,
  • Diligent searches for records
  • Photography (including preparing them for presentation in court)
  • Assistance during Voir Dire

Where do you do your work?

Hop To It Investigations is located in Denton, Texas but investigations are generally conducted throughout the DFW Metroplex. The private investigation license is recognized throughout the State. It is not unusual for investigations to lead to other jurisdictions.

When do I get a report?

Reports are often generated as updates during an ongoing investigation. It is customary to furnish a final report at the conclusion of the work. Communication is critical between the investigator and client.

Is the investigation confidential?

Yes. Investigative results and communication between an investigator and client are confidential. Reports are tendered only to the client and/or attorney involved.

Why am I charged sales tax?

Many services provided by a private investigator are subject to Texas state sales tax at the rate in the region where the services take place.*
*One noted exception is the service of process. This is not taxable.