Welcome to Hop To It Investigations

Affordable, reliable and comprehensive investigative services have been scarce in Denton County. That is why we launched Hop To It Investigations in 2008 and recently opened an office in Denton, right on the square.

Let our 24 years of law enforcement and investigations experience go to work for you and your clients. Much of my career was spent at the District Attorney’s office and this experience is invaluable for your cases and trial support.

As you know, trial preparation and investigation are critical to a successful outcome in the courtroom. In addition to your legal expertise, I know the work that is necessary to get you ready for trial; interviews, witness location, records searches, subpoenas and jury consultation. These vital skills are essential for both criminal and civil litigation.

You have a choice when choosing the professionals with whom you work. Choose someone with a proven track record who already knows what you need.